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The J-Pop Exchange for Saturday, August 2, 2014


 Explore the club scene in Japan with Tokyo Live House forJune 2014! JPop Exchange Tribute to B'z 25th Anniversary Special 1998-2012:J-Pop Exchange Tribute to B'z 25th Anniversary Special

Enjoy great music as we explore the club scene in Japan; it's all part of  Tokyo LiveHouse! A tribute to the legendary J-Pop group B'z!  Inducted into Hollywood's "Rock Walk" in 2007, we'll explore their great music and discuss how they've grown and changed over the years.

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Exclusive Interviews Coming Soon: 

Hajime Mizoguchi (Coming this September)
Highly regarded cellist/composer known for his work in the movies Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade and Escaflowne.  Recently released collections of his own music, Cello Bouquet and For Sleepless Night.
Chumei Watanabe
(Michiaki Watanabe)
(Coming March 2015) Legendary, prolific composer who is responsible for many classic, highly regarded scores in the industry.
Noriyuki Iwadare Dynamic composer who served as co-composer for Kid Icarus: Uprising and composer of the Lunar and Grandia series.