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The J-Pop Exchange for Saturday, April 22, 2017



The J-Pop Exchange Earth Day Special!

Enjoy great music by Sakura Koshio along with an exclusive interview! The devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, resulting in radiation contamination issues in Fukushima, has been associated with Earth Day in Japan because it serves as a reminder of caring for our earth and managing its resources. The singer / songwriter Sakura Koshio, who is from Fukushima, has been very active in restoration efforts.

Plus, we'll spotlight two popular Japanese franchises that recently received American film adaptations. We'll have exclusive interviews with the original series composers, in addition to sampling their dynamic music! This includes Kenji Kawai, who serves as the original composer for the Ghost In The Shell anime movie.

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 Exclusive Interviews coming soon:

Yoshiaki Fujisawa Yoshiaki Fujisawa J-Pop Exchange Exclusive Interview

A very highly-regarded composer, Mr. Fujisawa composed the music for the game Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and the anime Prince of Stride: Alternative.

Kei Haneoka Kei Haneoka J-Pop Exchange Exclusive Interview

Very highly-regarded composer for the anime Pani! Poni! Dash! and the recent Sentai series Ressha Sentai ToQger.  Also composed the score for REC, a series of animated short stories based on the life of Katharine Hepburn's Japanese voice actress.

Noriyuki Iwadare Dynamic composer who served as co-composer for Kid Icarus: Uprising and composer of the Lunar and Grandia series.
Hiroki Kikuta Talented video game designer and composer who is highly-respected for his work on many projects, including Secret Of Mana.