Sword Of The Guardian Review: An Incredible Game
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Sword Of The Guardian: An Incredible Game

By Sean Robbins (SeanBird) Host / Executive Producer of
The J-Pop Exchange

Sword Of The Guardian offers all of the best aspects of classic arcade greatness with the modern convenience and appeal of games made in this current generation.

One critical aspect of this game genre, that can either make or break the experience, is the controls of the game. The controls in this game are excellent. Combat feels very satisfying and fluid. All three characters that you can play as, offer unique strengths and weaknesses and are all very balanced.

The graphics are beautiful and the stage design is very well implemented; each of the 13 stages feels like a fresh and rewarding experience. Yet, as you progress through your journey, you are treated to a continuing narrative which unfolds and engages you.

In addition to the fluid and responsive controls, one of my favorite aspects of Sword Of The Guardian is that you can choose to play the whole game in one sitting or you can save your progress at the end of each level, offering great convenience to gamers who are really busy or want to brush up on their skills.

This game is fantastic in its own right; but, the fact that it was developed by a one man studio (Billy Chan) makes it an even more incredible and commendable accomplishment.

If you're looking for old-school, arcade-quality game-play, enhanced with the modern conveniences and features of today, look no further than Sword Of The Guardian. 

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Review copy provided by Billy Chan Studio

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