Review - Moero Chronicle Hyper: An Approachable Dungeon Crawler RPG With An Engaging Story And Varied Gameplay
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Moero Chronicle Hyper: An Approachable Dungeon Crawler RPG With An Engaging Story And Varied Gameplay

By Sean Robbins (SeanBird) Host / Executive Producer of
The J-Pop Exchange

The RPG Moero Chronicle Hyper centers on the character Io, who has a difficult time talking to women (except for his monster friend, Lilia). To make matters worse, his town generally sees him as a leech with no promise. However, he may well have an opportunity to repair his negative reputation and vindicate himself, all while improving his social skills.

A strange epidemic begins to occur in which many of the monster girls have suddenly turned evil. As Io investigates this phenomenon, he is given the opportunity to explore various dungeons to befriend the monster girls and get to the bottom of what is occurring. Similar to Pokémon, in Moero Chronicle Hyper Io does not do the actual fighting in battles, his monsters do!

There are two ways in which Io can tame and earn new monsters. More basic monsters will randomly offer to fight alongside Io, after they are defeated. Stronger, more powerful monsters (that connect more directly with the general narrative of the game) can also be captured, but the process is more involved; they need to be attacked in specific areas. After these areas have been defeated, then specific pressure points need to be touched. Once this is completed, Io can have these more powerful monsters fight alongside him. Io can have up to five monsters in his party at any given time.

In addition to the addicting RPG gameplay, the game provides opportunities for Io to interact with many of the monsters he has befriended at the inn. By interacting with them there he can boost his bond with them by completing various objectives.

Some of the cut scenes are a little long, but that is not a detractor in this game. The cut scenes are well-written and acted and provide a lot of humor while also advancing the story.

One aspect of this game that I really appreciate is its approachable challenge. While the game is far from easy, it is ultimately very fair. This was a huge relief, as games with similar dungeons can often be arduously challenging. Further, any time the game introduces new gameplay mechanics, it provides a tutorial that makes it very clear what to expect. Also, if you fail, you are given multiple opportunities to improve.

With fun, approachable, and varied gameplay, Moero Chronicle Hyper offers a surprisingly wholesome and satisfying experience!

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