Review: Last Beat Enhanced
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Last Beat Enhanced:
A Retro-Inspired Beat 'em up with Great Gameplay
and Variety

By Sean Robbins (SeanBird) Host / Executive Producer of
The J-Pop Exchange

Arcade style beat 'em ups can be a very fun genre because they are generally easy to pick up and play - whether you only have a few minutes or a couple of hours, you can likely have a lot of fun with this genre.

As the genre has evolved, many subtle improvements in gameplay mechanics have been put into practice. Ironically, so many of these improvements are now standard and it can be really hard to find ways to further innovate the genre. This can make it very difficult for newer titles of this genre to stand out. The great news here is: Last Beat Enhanced does not have this problem. This game is superb. It excels in solid gameplay, while offering a lot of distinct charm and innovation that make it stand out within the genre.

The controls are very tight and kinetic; in other words, they are very smooth and responsive.

This game has a perfectly implemented currency system in which you can earn in-game money for defeating enemies. Money can also be found in different storage crates throughout different stages. For $3000 of in-game currency, you can restore your character's life bar when the character is about to die, to stave-off being defeated. Additionally, you can unlock permanent upgrades and powerful playable characters to aid you in your journey. Most of these permanent enhancements cost at least $10,000. At first this may seem difficult and perhaps unobtainable, but it's really not. This is where the "Beat" mechanic really shines. Every time you defeat an enemy or destroy an object, your "Beat" count increases by 1 point. When your total "Beat" count reaches certain thresholds, a multiplier is applied to how much cash you earn. This can make earning cash a lot easier. But, of course, with any reward system, there is also risk. If an enemy hits you, your "Beat" count resets to zero. The lure of trying to build-up your rewards becomes very addicting; setting this game apart from many other games of its genre.

The variety does not stop with the gameplay mechanics. There is a great amount of variety in the design of the stages and bonus stages. In the first bonus stage, you need to collect as much fuel as possible, while avoiding

obstacles. It's well-implemented, and a fun deviation from the main game. Great controls, charming characters and unique gameplay innovations make this game worth owning!

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