Review - Goken: A Charming Adventure That Is A Delight To Play (Nintendo Switch)
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Goken: A Charming Adventure That Is A Delight To Play

By Sean Robbins (SeanBird) Host / Executive Producer of
The J-Pop Exchange

Goken is a fun Action-RPG that will certainly appeal to those who enjoy this genre; and beyond that, there are many subtle aspects of this game that enable Goken to stand on its own merits.

As I began playing the game, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of exploration and the fact that exploration is encouraged because of the many treasures and unique items one discovers as a reward for exploration. Further, it was impressive that despite the world's vastness, one always knew where one needed to go. In other words, one never felt lost.

While exploring the many locales of the game, I always appreciated the gorgeous, lush and charming visuals. Every area in the game has its own distinct charm; every area feels vibrant and inspired. The visual charm is equally matched by the gorgeous and engaging music. Whether you are battling a menacing boss or exploring a tropical seaside town, every piece of music helps to set the perfect tone and atmosphere.

The incredible graphics and music are supported by addicting game play. Your character has a stamina meter that depletes when your character either runs, defensively sprints, or attacks. This encourages one to employ a more strategic approach when fighting enemies. Naturally, game play that integrates intuitive controls with a strategic approach is far more interesting than simply button-mashing.

While your character does level-up through earning experience points, this game also has a unique way of upgrading and customizing your character's abilities through a system referred to as the tattoo system. Every time you gain a level, you are given a tattoo point. These points can be spent at tattoo parlors around town. You are given a lot of freedom to upgrade whatever base stats you want to. You can also buy items at the tattoo parlors that will give you enhancements beyond base stat level increases (such as being 60% less susceptible to paralysis).

Another distinct charm of this game would be its dialogue; it is very down-to-earth, with a wry sense of humor that continuously makes the scenes interesting.

Goken offers a distinctly fun Action-RPG experience with plenty of unique charm and innovation to stand on its own in this genre. It is a real gem that is definitely worth owning.

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