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Details on Tickets for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

By Elizabeth Jeneault for The J-Pop Exchange

Excitement continues to build for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games! Some 600,000 overseas visitors are expected to descend on Tokyo and the surrounding regions of Japan’s capital to watch more than 200 countries take part. But, if you had planned on being one of those visitors and haven’t purchased tickets yet, are you out of luck? That depends. Keep reading below for why!

Residents in Japan had the first chance to buy

Residents in Japan had the first opportunity to buy tickets to the 2020 Games. The initial round of ticketing was limited by lottery system and closed at the end of May. A subsequent “relief measure” lottery was held a few months later. Paralympic tickets have also been awarded on a lottery basis.

Individuals tickets for 2020 Olympic events currently sold out, but still available for Paralympics

Individual tickets for the main 2020 Games went on sale for overseas visitors in July, but are currently sold out here in the United States. CoSport is our approved Olympics ticket retailer and while they might get more individual tickets as the 2020 Games near, they don’t have any left right now.

You can still get tickets as part of packages that are sold by CoSport. Some are far from cheap, though, so be sure to keep that in mind!

Meanwhile, individual tickets for the 2020 Paralympics just went on sale and are still available! If interested in attending, experts suggest you act fast! The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games are set to take place two weeks after the main events wrap up. They’re expected to be the biggest and best yet with some 4,400 Para athletes from more than 160 countries taking part in 22 sports!

More details on the packages offered through CoSport (which include event tickets)

Just as CoSport is offering packages for the 2020 Olympic Games, it also has package options for the Paralympics. Those packages are more affordable than the ones listed for the main Olympic Games. As of this article’s writing, one package on CoSport’s website is listed as $2,100 per person for a four-night stay in a decent hotel with access to five Paralympic events of your choice.

For comparison, a premier package to the 2020 Olympic Games is listed as costing as much as $17,680 per person! That package, however, does include pre-selected tickets to some of the more sought after Olympic events (such as the Closing Ceremony), a four-night stay in a more luxury hotel, and the addition of a sightseeing tour and transportation to and from the events.

Book your flights to Tokyo soon!

One thing to keep in mind is that if you opt for one of CoSport’s packages, airfare is not included. As you can imagine, flights will only get more expensive as the 2020 Games near. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead!

Darci Valiente, a flight searcher with Scott’s Cheap Flights, told USA Today that it’s a good idea to book your flights at least six months in advance.

“Because it’s for the Olympics, prices will be even more expensive than they already are for peak travel season,” Valiente told USA Today.

As for how much you should expect to shell out for those flights? Valiente recommends looking for round trip options under $800, or for under $700 if you’re departing from the West Coast.

When will more individual event tickets be available?

As for those individual event tickets, you can still buy them for the 2020 Paralympics and more could open up in the future for the Olympic Games. It’d be a good idea to sign up for CoSport’s email updates, though, just to be sure you don’t miss anything.

The New York Times also reports that the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee will also host a resale site beginning in the spring. The official resale service will be available to both foreign visitors and Japanese residents. Some are hoping it provides relief to those who were shut out of the initial rounds of ticketing. Ticket prices are expected to be capped at the original face value, which is nice.

If you’re passionate about seeing the 2020 Olympics in person, you ought to plan ahead! Now is the time to be thinking about your tickets.

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