Review: Behind The Screen Offers an Engrossing Story and an Engaging Challenge
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Behind The Screen Offers an Engrossing Story and an Engaging Challenge

By Sean Robbins (SeanBird) Host / Executive Producer of
The J-Pop Exchange

In Behind The Screen, your character is accused of murder; however, are the accusations true? What really happened?

To answer this, you play as the accused, and experience key moments throughout his entire life to reflect on the events that led up to this accusation -- going back as early as kindergarten.

As you do this, you are treated to a variety of unique gameplay styles. This includes puzzle-style gamelplay where you strategically push and pull things to activate the next portion of the level. There are also sections of the game which require you to traverse from one area to another without being detected. Further, there are two uniquely different action-oriented modes that you will be able to experience in Chapter's 2 and 3 of the game.

Depending on the situation, the level of difficulty varies from moderate to challenging. However, even in the most challenging situation, the game always seems fair. All the best videogames are easy to play, yet tough to master; and that is also the case in this game. Anytime I was lost, I still felt encouraged and spurred-on to try again, because the challenge was always fair. Also, it helps that the respawn points are very generous, so you do not have to go through much backtracking.

Behind The Screen offers an engaging story with varied gameplay and is definitely worth checking out!

To help you get started with the game, we have created a mini-walkthrough and guide for Chapter 1. If you have any gameplay-related questions about Behind The Screen, feel free to contact us.

As the game begins, you are taught the basic puzzle mechanics of moving items to help access where you are supposed to go next.

Grab the key on the left and unlock the door on the right to proceed.


For the next puzzle, move the beds that are horizontally situated into the slots on the left and right hand sides of the screen. This will trigger the statue to move. Insert the shapes revealed under the statue in any position you wish.

For the next puzzle, you need to move the bed to cover the tile: 

If you are having trouble solving this puzzle, refer to the images below to help you:

The next section involves avoiding being detected by the school teachers and administrators. Your ultimate destination in this section is to make it to the bottom right side of the screen. If you get caught, don't worry; you are given unlimited tries and the checkpoints are very generous. Hide in the mess of toy bunnies to help avoid being detected. Be careful though, the gold colored bunnies can emanate a loud squeak which could tip off the teachers and administrators as to where you are hiding. If you need more help with this section, please refer to the pictures below as a guide.

The final section in Chapter 1 involves you running away from the school administrator. You are given 3 chances to avoid bumping into any nearby obstacles. It all comes down to pattern memorization. Don't worry, if you fail, as was the case in the last section, the respawn points are very generous.



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