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  The J-Pop Exchange: Saturday, June 9 & 16, 2018 Playlist

The Bawdies w/ The Seven Seas
Monkey Majik w/ Phone Call
Anna Tsuchiya w/ Ginger (featuring Monkey Majik)
Anna Tsuchiya w/ The Letter (featuring Hoobastank)
The Bawdies w/ Good Lovin'
One OK Rock w/ Change
One OK Rock w/ Heartache
One OK Rock w/ Fight The Night
Chris Broad J-Pop Exchange Exclusive Interview
How to Learn Japanese: Tips and Advice for Success
Tatsuro Yamashita w/ Sparkle
Tatsuro Yamashita w/ Music Box
Gille w/ Hikouki-Gumo (Contrail)
Gille w/ Falling In Love feat. Akiko Kobayashi
Gille w/ Rock And Roll Widow
Gille w/ Roppongi Shinjuu
Gille w/ Diamonds
Gille w/ Wanted
Gille w/ Lover
Czecho No Republic w/ Music
Czecho No Republic w/ Call Her
Czecho No Republic w/ Don't Cry Forest Boy
Gille w/ Eki (Station)
Gille w/ Younger Guys
Gille w/ Love Does Not Stop, Turn It Into Love
Gille w/ I Love You, Sayonara

After The Tsunami

Natsuki: The Movie

Inside A Japanese Love Hotel

Monster Ramen Challenge