The J-Pop Exchange - Miki Igarashi (Miki LABO) Exclusive Interview
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 The J-Pop Exchange: Saturday, June 27, 2020 Playlist

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Nightmare w/ The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (‘Fantasia’)
Nightmare w/ Friend Like Me ('Aladdin')
Kawamura Ryuuichi w/ Beauty and The Beast
Penicillin w/ Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (‘Lilo & Stitch’)
Plastic Tree w/ Chim Chim Cheree ('Mary Poopins")
Sadie w/ This is Halloween ('The Nightmare Before Christmas’)
Aoi w/ Can You Feel The Love Tonight? ("The Lion King')
The Kiddie w/ Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious (‘Mary Poppins’)

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Fay Wong w/ Eyes on Me (Ending Version)
Ninjaman Japan w/ When You Wish Upon A Star ('Pinocchio’)
Cascade w/ Heigh-Ho ('Snow White and Seven Dwarfs")
Dasein w/ You'll Be in My Heart ('Tarzan')
Arashi w/ Rock This

Segment 3: Stream This Segment

Daishi Dance w/ Path Of The Wind
Daishi Dance w/ Memories Come Tumbling Down
Daishi Dance w/ The World Is So Vast
Miki Igarashi J-Pop Exchange Exclusive Interview
Daishi Dance w/ Jinnse no Merigoraundo

Segment 4: Stream This Segment

Daishi Dance w/ Nausicaa Requiem
Daishi Dance w/ Legend Of The Wind
Daishi Dance w/ Princess Mononoke
Daishi Dance w/ Always, Numerous Times
(feat. Chieko Kinbara)
Daishi Dance w/ Take Me Home Country Roads
(feat. Arvin Homa Aya)
Daishi Dance w/ My Neighbor Totoro


Miki LABO Science Experiment
What Happens When You Mix Vinegar and Baking Soda?