Great music & an exclusive interview with John Daub from Only In Japan!
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 The J-Pop Exchange: Saturday, May 13, 2017 Playlist

Che’Nelle w/ Baby, I Love You
Che'Nelle w/ Zutto (A Long Life)
Che’Nelle w/ Sunshine Girl
B'z w/ Love Bomb
B'z w/ Splash
B'z w/ Real Thing Shakes
John Daub J-Pop Exchange Exclusive Interview
Nobuyuki Nakamura w/ Musicial Selections from Chibi Maruko-Chan
Monkey Majik w/ Around The World
Monkey Majik w/ Open Happiness
Monkey Majik w/ Fall Back
Anna Tsuchiya w/ Ginger (feat. Monkey Majik)
Anna Tsuchiya & Hoobastank w/ The Letter
Kokia w/ Life Goes On
Sam Ock w/ Welcome To You n Me
Rie Fu w/ I So Wanted
Che’Nelle w/ Sakura
Che’Nelle w/ For You
Che’Nelle w/ Everything
Monkey Majik w/ Everything Is Going To Be Alright
Monkey Majik w/ Rise
Monkey Majik w/ Fly